Pattern Studio Just Launched!

September 27th, 2016


I’m really thrilled to write today’s post, as I can finally announce that my first book, Pattern Studio, just officially launched! Having had a baby earlier this year, it feels a bit like baby #2 just arrived. How so, you might ask?  The anticipation, non-stop work, the learning process of doing something entirely new, and a focused interest on helping others see the world through a new creative prism.

So what’s this workbook all about? It’s a guide to seeing patterns in our surroundings and using them as inspiration to create your own. Building off the idea of practice makes professional, Pattern Studio is one part workbook and one part showcase featuring the process of 50 exceptional designers from across the world. I see it partially as a “How-To” book that lays the foundation to learning how the professionals do it. 

About a year ago, I found myself constantly talking with friends and colleagues in the creative community about how we can wean ourselves off technology long enough to explore, create and appreciate design in the world around us.  The conversations ultimately led to a meeting with an editor at Chronicle Books who wanted to put a magnifying glass on this discussion.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing insights from all of the exceptional artists in the book – from imagery within their studio spaces to inspiring quotes on how to clear the mind and refocus creative energy, to simply celebrating pattern in daily life.

Follow along and please buy a book if you’re so inclined!

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News Amidst the News

September 26th, 2016


My new book goes on sale tomorrow. With so much on the mind (politics, art & life), I thought I’d put a bit of breathing room out there before this debate gets started. We all can have a blank slate tomorrow if we want it.

Pattern Studio is about seeing the world in new ways – and while it’s through the pattern prism, it’s a vehicle to get your mind out of old routines, in order to welcome new thinking, new inspiration and new work.

Friday Quick Links!

September 9th, 2016


1. Dr Propolus adds a personal touch to fashion spreads via Trendland
2. Serena Garcia Dalla Venezi’s hand-sewn works of art via The Jealous Curator
3. Twelve artists customize 12 clocks for Hunting Collective via The Design Files
4. Willian Santiago’s vibrant illustrations via Honestly WTF
5. Fantastic mural by Aaron Robbs and Alex Proba for Dropbox via Sight Unseen
6. Digging Laura Apsit Livens’ latest hat collection via Miss Moss
7. If you want to know what it feels like to be inside a rainbow via Creative Boom
8. Nick Peña’s explorations of time, style, surroundings, and stability via Design Crush
9. Perk up a tote bag with some handmade pom poms via Oh Joy!
10. Love this souk inspired home via design*sponge
11. Yulia Brodskaya studies the beauty found in old age via Colossal
12. Guda Koster plays with pattern via iGNANT

Contributed by Emily Gup

Friday Quick Links!

September 2nd, 2016


1. Loving Luisa Rivera’s mythology infused illustrations via Creative Boom
2. Emma McDowall’s lovely concrete vessels and objects via Poppytalk
3. Captivated by Leonie Barton’s ephemeral works of art via The Jealous Curator
4. These high school seniors got to paint their own parking spots via booooooom
5. How Max Factor invented modern makeup via AnOther
6. Amber Cowan’s vintage pressed glass vessels and sculptures via Colossal
7. Interview with furniture designer Adam Goodrum via The Design Files
8. Digging Naomi Wilkinson’s Latin folk-art inspired illustrations via Honestly WTF
9. A fan of this colorful, pattern-filled home in Brooklyn via design*sponge
10. Beautiful watercolor nudes by NG Collective Studio via Sight Unseen
11. Bari Ziperstein’s collection of ceramics inspired by fashion via design-milk
12. Collar’s playful swimwear via Trendland

Contributed by Emily Gup

Friday Quick Links!

August 26th, 2016


1. Discussing a new wave of wallpaper design with Flavor Paper via Juxtapoz
2. Inside the studio of artist Emily Snyder via SF Girl By Bay
3. Peter Aurisch’s cubist inspired tattoos via Colossal
4. Mia Chaplin’s dreamy paintings via Miss Moss
5. Digging this DIY denim embroidery via Honestly WTF
6. Talking with ceramicist Kirsten Perry via The Design Files
7. Darling DIY floral votive holders via design*sponge
8. Intrigued by these wooden speakers from Grovemade via design-milk
9. Gorgeous flowers encased in ice via booooooom
10. Cheryl Sorg’s delightful metallic tape street art via Design Crush
11. Love this bright blue edition of artist Siba Sahabi’s iconic felt vases via Trendland
12. Painter Amanda Brazier makes all of her own paint via The Jealous Curator

Contributed by Emily Gup

Friday Quick Links!

August 19th, 2016


1. Alejandra Atarés’ lush and pattern-filled portraits via Trendland
2. Intrigued by this cabinet with layered shingles via design-milk
3. Marleigh Culver’s Matisse inspired prints via Sight Unseen
4. Functional mix-tape coffee tables via Colossal
5. Jessica Hische on the art of procrastination via Moxie Sozo
6. Digging these dreamy chambray sheets via Honestly WTF
7. A day in the life of Rachel Castle via The Design Files
8. A brief history of the decorated male via AnOther
9. DIY upcycled speakers via design*sponge
10. Wanting everything from Beech Hall’s latest collection via Miss Moss
11. A fan of this felted twist on the typical rug via iGNANT
12. Talking with painter Ali Cavanaugh via The Jealous Curator

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

August 16th, 2016


The artists in this weeks gallery picks use art to stretch their views of the natural world and time.

*            *            *

1. Gabriel Orozco explores complex geometry, mapping, and anatomy in a creative, playful, and inventive manner at Aspen Art Museum
2. A master at translating belief and ritual into stunningly arranged strands of spun fiber, Ramón Medina Silva’s yarn paintings pulse with vivid depictions of the Wixárika cosmos at Fowler Museum
3. Embracing the Contemporary celebrates Keith and Katherine Sachs’ leading collection of contemporary art at Philadelphia Museum of Art
4. Jae Ko creates a site-specific installation entitled flow 流, the newest iteration in a series she calls “Force of Nature.” Inspired by visits to Newfoundland and the far northwestern reaches of the United States, Ko reconstructs the melting Tundra, with its floating, fractured glaciers at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
5. For the past year, Cody Hudson has taken his elemental compositions, typically applied to birch panels, and translated them to stretched linen, augmenting their painterliness and deepening their relationship to a painting tradition. While remaining stylized and abstracted, his newest works are also indebted to portraiture and landscape painting, at times suggesting masks, sunrises, and still lifes at Andrew Rafacz Gallery
6. A Kingdom of Hours explores how artists disrupt sequential time – from biological rhythms to historical chronologies – to undermine rigid structures of belonging at Gasworks

Friday Quick Links!

August 12th, 2016


1. Daesung Lee creates museum dioramas in real places via iGNANT
2. Menja Stevenson created outfits that matched mass transit seating via Colossal
3. Talking with Rebecca Louise Law, who “paints” with flowers via The Jealous Curator
4. Venera Kazarova combines garbage with glamour via Creative Boom
5. Interview with artist Dean Bowen via The Design Files
6. Gorgeous mermaid crowns straight out of your fantasies via Trendland
7. Pawena Thimaporn’s awesome graphical pottery via design-milk
8. Shay Spaniola’s dreamy textiles via Design Crush
9. Eugenia Zoloto’s beautiful papercuts via Miss Moss
10. Andrea Myers’ collage-like sculptures via Hi-Fructose
11. Chatting with furniture designer Gbenga Akinnagbe via design*sponge
12. Wanderlust inspiring treehouses via Honestly WTF

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

August 9th, 2016


This week’s artists come together to contemplate differing realities.

*            *            *

1. Look up here, I’m in heaven, a group exhibition of unconventional portraits featuring paintings, works on paper, and mixed-media work by David Antonio Cruz, Yashua Klos, Tschabalala Self, and Yoon Ji Seon. While cultural and political realities are central elements of the work on view, the artists create imagery that aims to transcend the here and now to establish a more transcendent sense of self at BRIC House
2. Maryrose Crook draws on traditions of surrealism, still life and folk art creating worlds where beauty and brutality exist in close proximity at La Luz de Jesus
3. Group show School’s Out aims to capture that same sense of freedom – of playfully breaking from the ordinary and letting the imagination run wild at Mike Weiss Gallery
4. Aaron Frisby and Lane Cyril Mountain’s newest works at Seeing Something Gallery
5. An examination of the profound physical and emotional impact of violence in America, particularly against women at Paradigm Arts
6. At once charming and provocative, Michael De Feo reinterprets and embellishes the existing imagery in a novel spin for the age of appropriation at Danziger Gallery

Friday Quick Links!

August 5th, 2016


1. Amazing photos of the Milky Way reflecting on a salt flat via Colossal
2. Benoit Paillé’s captivating photos of Mexico via Creative Boom
3. Atong Atem’s ‘Third Culture Kids’ portrait series via iGNANT
4. DIY some Icelandic Poppies via design*sponge
5. A huge fan of the colors in Mary Fedden’s work via Miss Moss
6. Chatting with recent grad Hattie Clark via Creative Review
7. You know you want to make a watermelon pom pom via Brit & Co
8. Spring Whitaker’s adorable animals via Honestly WTF
9. Alexandra Bellissimo’s beautiful collages via Trendland
10. Talking with James Gulliver Hancock via The Design Files
11. Interview with Emily Barletta via The Jealous Curator
12. Graham Yarrington’s otherworldly art via Design Crush

Contributed by Emily Gup

Friday Quick Links!

July 29th, 2016


1. Gabriel Schama’s amazing intricate laser-cut relief sculptures via Colossal
2. Pantone’s predictions for the Autumn/Winter 2017-18 season via Poppytalk
3. Ajax Lee’s Reality Paper Dolls series via Creative Boom
4. DIY painted rope basket via Honestly WTF
5 .Vik Muniz’s beautiful deconstructed 3-D collage via Yellowtrace
6. Sculptural scents by Zuzu Mengham for Laboratory Perfumes via Trendland
7. Swooning over all of these floral wallpapers via design*sponge
8. Fabulously patterned tights via swiss-miss
9. Senem Oezdogan’s fiber-based geometric studies via Sight Unseen
10. Bodil Jane‘s delightful illustrations via Design Crush
11. Talking with Katharine Morling who draws in porcelain via The Jealous Curator
12. Loving Klaycraft’s handcrafted clay bead chandeliers via The Design Files

Contributed by Emily Gup

Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

July 28th, 2016


This week’s artists explore the intricacies of creation.

*            *            *

1. At an imposing thirty feet wide, Contact III is composed of seventeen knotted sections of rich, orange manila rope and is the largest in the Contact series – one of Françoise Grossen’s earliest explorations of vertical repetitions. Hovering above the floor, the suspended mass is a paradoxical exercise that simultaneously employs and defies gravity, creating both tension in the fiber and an impression of lightness, fluidity, and grace at Blum & Poe
2. “Lucas Samaras: AutoPolaroids, 1969–71” is a solo exhibition that brings together more than 50 photographic works from the artist’s early experiments with the medium, including his first AutoPolaroid at Craig F. Starr Gallery
3. Combining image elements that he photographed in a wide range of international locations, Simen Johan’s images reveal poetic and often unexpected relationships that speak to the illusory and multifaceted nature of existence at Yossi Milo Gallery
4. Amy Sillman’s works can be categorized as abstract painting, although her abstractions repeatedly allow forms and figures to be recognized at Portikus
5. Maureen Chatfield: Patterns in Time is an invitation to contemplate the ephemeral, everyday beauty hidden in plain sight at Rosenberg & Co.
6. Sigrid Sandström’s practice actively interrogates the methods by which viewing initiates and elicits thought and cognition at Anat Ebgi

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